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Gentle Souls of the Forest 11

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Gentle Souls of the Forest 11: 

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“Believe it or not, there are actually over 100 different deer in the book. Some are regulars that I see almost everyday.  Others are ones that I might only see for a few minutes while hiking, and never see them again. The Book takes us for a walk through the Forest through the 12 months of the Year - encountering along with Mark - just Who a deer is... Just Who a deer family and Who deer siblings are and Who deer friends are...

The book is all about the viewer building their own personal connection with the whitetail deer.

Each deer has different physical characteristics that differentiate one from another.

They are living beings just trying to survive in the world – Mark A. Schneider, Author & Photographer

This is a Book to Love & Share - a Gift for You, a wonderful Gift to give, and a Gift from and to the wondrous & peaceful whitetail deer - gentle souls of the forest.

A Work of Art a true labor of love following and chronicling whitetail deer through photographs taken over a five year span - set up as a Journey through the Forest during the 12 months of a year – Mark reaches out on multiple levels. As an accomplished & extraordinary wildlife photographer telling a powerful visual story, he offers a thought provoking tribute to whitetails through a compilation of breath-taking photographs for animal lovers to pore over, imagine the stories the deer are living, and share their passion for animals or nature photography with others.

Be sure to read the Introduction.

Mark dreams of starting a safe haven for deer - a Deer Sanctuary.

To find out how you can be part of this, please email Mark at gentlesoulsbook@gmail.com

We can’t help but note that this Book is more than a Coffee Table Book.

Invited into the deer's world and thinking about their individual life stories as they live their lives from month to month – creates strong connection. Mark’s stunning close-up photos make you feel like you’re right there with the deer and seeing and experiencing their world from their point of view.

The reader is drawn into their lives as an intimate but non-interfering observer.

The photos offer the reader a lens from which to see the whitetail deer as individuals who live their lives – each day in the forest – lives that are meaningful, lives that are intertwined with other souls of the forest, and lives that matter particularly to each of them.


Through his soulful fine art photos, Mark shows us who each of these individuals are - who care about their lives and living them safely at Home – in the Forest. Mark’s exquisite photos and art-full surprises within each page of the Book capture all the living that goes on inside the Forest when it’s normal and peaceful. 
His Photos invite viewers to look into the eyes of each Deer; feel the joy of his/her family bonds, drink in the careful care & wisdom that a mother Deer gives unconditionally to her fawns; experience the pureness of family life and the joy of real friendships - and feel how much it matters to each Deer to just be - and live each day. Gentle Souls of the Forest II can spark light bulbs to go off - Rosa
"I like to think that if you can look squarely into the eyes of another innocent life, a life that wants to survive as badly as you do - you understand the value of life. You get it."- Mark A. Schneider - Photographer/Author
If you would like to order more Books and/or help Mark open a Safe Haven - A Sanctuary for Deer ...
please contact him through Gentle Souls of the Forest 11 and/or by Emailing Mark at gentlesoulsbook@gmail.com 


Gentle Souls of the Forest 2 is a self-funded vibrantly colorful coffee table book by photographer Mark A. Schneider. The book is a photographic tribute to the beautiful white-tailed deer - following the deer throughout the seasons of the year. The book contains no text and is designed specifically to be a visual story of the whitetail deer.  





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  1. Thrilled with this Book!

    Posted by Nancy Birder on 29th Aug 2017

    I just received my copy of Gentle souls of the Forest, and it is absolutely beautiful! I expected it to be good after receiving my copy of Snow Bunny. Mark did such a great job on that book! I love it! I am absolutely thrilled with the photography in Gentle Souls of the Forest! He captured these beautiful, gentle creatures in their own world in such a way that you can feel their personalities and emotions just by flipping through the pages. Please consider purchasing Gentle Souls of the Forest and Snow Bunny because they are both wonderful books! They would make great Christmas gifts, too! The photos on this site don't do them justice!

  2. The photos speak to your heart & convey the magic of whitetails

    Posted by Bill Lea Photography on 28th Jul 2016

    "I love whitetail deer and I have recently discovered somebody else who loves them too – that is Mark Schneider. His photographs of deer convey that thought more than any words ever could. So Mark published a book packed full of his fabulous images of this amazing animal – it is titled Gentle Souls of the Forest. There is no text or even captions but Mark’s photos say all you will ever need to know about whitetail deer. You have heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” well this book lets the images do all of the talking and I promise you, they will speak to your heart.

    The photos convey the magic of whitetails and Mark’s love for them. If you want to learn more about the life and wonder of deer, then I encourage you to really come to know the whitetail deer through Mark’s incredible photographic art of these "Gentle Souls of the Forest."
    Bill Lea
    July 26, 2016



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